Membership Info

By signing registration with the National Capital Region Croatian Folklore Ensemble CROATOAN Inc., you and/or your child agree to:

  • Regularly attend practices and relevant performances from the time of registration up to and including July 1 the following year;
  • Notify the appropriate teacher at least 24 hours in advance if attendance at a practice or performance is not possible;
  • Be attired in loose, non-constricting clothing and suitable footwear for all practices;
  • Ensure costume is complete and in good condition, the nails and hair tidy, no inappropriate jewellery and/or accessories are worn during performances;
  • Be in best behaviour at both practices and performances or anywhere else when representing CROATOAN.

 Costume and Instrument Deposits:

  • A deposit of $30 will be required for each costume issued to participants. The costume deposit will be refunded after the costume is returned complete, washed, ironed and pleated, as necessary;
  • An annual rental fee of $30 will be required for each CROATOAN-owned instrument. Rental fees are non- refundable. It is possible there will not be enough CROATOAN instruments available for all students. It is advisable to make private arrangements with friends/relatives who own an instrument or buy one of your own.


  • Footwear (opanke) will be the responsibility of the participant.  If you have opanke you would like to exchange or sell please bring them in on registration day or to any practice before October 31st, 2016.  Order forms for those who would like to purchase new opanke will be available in November.


Email us at to inquire about becoming a member of our ensemble.