The Tambura

Croatian folklore uses a variety of instruments—percussion, stringed and wind. However, the stringed tamburica is, by far, the most popular instrument used in Croatian folklore. The tamburica (or tambura) is believed to have originated in Bosnia in the sixth century, but Slavonia (a region in northern Croatia), is now considered the home of the tamburica. In Canada, tamburica orchestras, such as CROATOAN, have played an important role in Croatian communities by bringing great joy and inspiration to immigrants in their new homeland. The tamburica comes in several sizes with different string counts, which result in a variety of complementary sounds. The five basic types of tamburica are called bisernica or prima, brač, bugarija, čelo and berda (bass). CROATOAN has employed the tamburica not only for Croatian folkloric music, but also Croatian and international classical, popular and sacred music.